CLS Health Participates In COVID-19 Cross Innovation Strategy Group

ThFDRCross Innovation Strategy Group, sponsored by NASA, is made up of 70 professionals from all over the world (28 cities, 12 nationalities, multiple industries and 14 time zones) of which CLS Health is a member. All participates have dedicated four weeks of work, meetings, discussions and votes through methodologies of cross innovation, brainstorming, design thinking and various tools, to creating a report on the situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a call for action aimed at responding to the new realities to which it gives rise.

The study titled “Never Normal: A Call to Action to Address the New Realities Posed by COVID-19” is a clear-eyed look at the global future from the social pressure of prolonged separation — especially for young people — to stress in the food chain. The authorship is largely scientific and has been drawn from those who are charged with innovation in their work.

“Never Normal” predicts a W-shaped future where there are waves of COVID-19, reflecting governments’ policies and social reaction. It also says the structures for resolution need to be created by governments and shared between them, so that freedom of movement can be restored, and governments do not poach technology and supplies from each other.

The study says the best hope for a proven vaccine is 12 to 24 months. It sees a great diminution in recreation — theaters and sports — as we know it. It predicts a digital future with intense social surveillance. It offers no panaceas, no silver bullets.

Part of the significance of “Never Normal” is that it looks at the scientific contribution to stabilizing the world through a lens other than a purely medical one. Its message: We need all the science we can get.

The 44-page report is entitled Never Normal and you can download it here, as well as learn about the participants, the methodology, and a commitment to action focused on values such as transparency and collaboration, which you can join. It is not a closed report, nor is the working group that developed it: the idea, in fact, is to expand it to generate more creative thinking and more influence on possible responses to the consequences of the pandemic.



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