How CLS Health is Preparing for Coronavirus (COVID-19)


In response to the heightened alert to the growing Coronavirus (referred to as COVID-19) outbreak, CLS Health, in collaboration with national, state and local agencies, is continuing to review and reinforce processes for identifying and caring for patients with the virus in the event that it is required.

COVID-19 is a viral infection of the lower respiratory tract causing a cough, sore throat, fever, stuffy/runny nose and possible pneumonia. According to the CDC, while the immediate risk of this new virus to the American public continues to be low at this time, CLS Health is responding to this public health concern.

“We are highly focused on this issue. We huddle daily and monitor all safety issues, including COVID-19, that may be of concern to our patients, visitors and staff,” said Khalid Zwahereh, MBBS., Clinical Services Manager.” There has been much coverage of coronavirus and COVID-19 in the media. It is CLS Health aim to help you separate fact from fiction.

General preparedness measures that have been completed, are in development and are ongoing at CLS Health include:

  • Updating our electronic medical record (EMR) system with references/advisories for staff to identify patients who may be at risk for COVID-19 based on their travel history.
  • Outlining/mapping isolation procedures and areas.
  • Sharing information on COVID-19 patient management with appropriate clinical staff.
  • Equipping clinical areas with protective clothing and protective equipment to be used in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case.
  • Following comprehensive procedures for disinfecting patient rooms and removing/disposing of linens and cubicle curtains.
  • Preparing to communicate with state departments, employees and media in case of highly-suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Providing via the CLS Health website CDC information on COVID-19, visitor policy information, and signs and symptoms of the flu.

Those interested in learning more about how to prevent influenza, as well as signs and symptoms of the flu, may visit Those interested in learning more about the COVID-19 may visit


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