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The sleep medicine at CLS Health is led by Dr. Mahmood O. Dweik who has over a decade of experience in diagnosing and managing the gamut of sleep disorders and is board certified. Sleep medicine specialists focus on sleep problems and sleep disorders. There is a wide range of sleep disorders that can be treated by sleep medicine specialists such as breathing problems during sleep, abnormal activity during sleep, problems going to sleep and staying asleep, as well as excessive sleepiness during the day.

Good health is dependent not only on getting an adequate amount of sleep but also on the quality of sleep. Sleep disorders can increase the risk for accidents, headaches, poor concentration, work, and school problems, depression and anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Knowing what disorders can be treated by a sleep medicine specialist will help you understand how sleep medicine can help you.

Dr. Dweik will begin by carefully reviewing your health history and sleep history. Your treatment will depend on the type of sleep disorder you have and its severity. Your sleep medicine specialist may determine that an underlying condition is disrupting your sleep, and once it is treated you will be able to get the rest you need. Diagnosis may require a sleep study. Treating even mild sleep disorders can significantly improve the quality of your life.

If you experiencing fatigue, lack of concentration, or fogginess during the day or are unable to finish your work, the best thing to do is to consult a sleep medicine specialist.

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The sleep medicine clinic is a part of CLS Health. CLS Health is a multi-specialty medical group with over ninety providers providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care in Baytown, Friendswood, Webster, Pasadena, League City, and surrounding areas.


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